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  1. Controversial Patient Odors in Nursing

    I have been a nurse in LTC before, and unfortunately the elderly can have an odor. And as far as showering, it usually is two-three times a week unless otherwise specified. But we don't actually need to shower as often as we think. It is unhealthy to...
  2. Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I already made one comment, but I forgot - I love when they'll show a doctor administering meds. Hahahahahaha... Laughable.
  3. Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I hate watching a code happen on a tv show or whatever. Most recently o saw it on some soap opera, the weakest CPR possible.
  4. I'll say what others have said - it sounds like you ultimately really want to be an RN, and you want your BSN. So do it! But you will have to improve on your writing and grammar skills, as BSN programs involve a lot of writing.
  5. How much do nurses make?

    What??? I went to manorcare right of school - 21.50 and the night shift differential was only $1! Your money might have made it worth the awful experience.
  6. More general questions

    I'm sorry I can't be of much help. I am a much newer nurse than you, having graduated and gotten licensed in 2013, and this past May I got my BSN. I feel like an underachiever watching everyone go for the MSN for various areas. I just feel that I nee...
  7. Why don't you just read the chart?

    Wow, really? Look who's full of themself. Don't get it twisted - you are not more important than nurse working other floors or areas just because you are in the trauma unit.
  8. Why don't you just read the chart?

    Personally, I don't trust other nurses to chart completely or accurately - especially in a setting like the ER. I wouldn't want to rely just on the chart. I always want to hear significant details from the mouth of someone who actually knows what's g...