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    hey there gals & guys, Just wondering here, im currently at APU getting my Bachelors in Psychology with just a few more semesters left and i want to know if any of you have gone through this program and is willing to share their experience. I know after you get your bachelors you need to apply to graduate school then nursing program i presume. What were your guys' stats? I have mostly B's in all my classes and one or 2 C's. My science pre-req's i have anat1: C anat2: B Bio1: C bio2: B Micro:C Chem:A IM planning on taking the C's over once i finish with the Psych degree. Has anyone on here had not a Gpa of like a 3.5-4.0 that has gotten in? ANY feedback would help please!!!!! really stressing out and starting to think if i should continue:/ Thanks guys! sorry went into alot of detail lol. THANKS:)