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AdultPsychRN has 1 years experience and specializes in Adult Psychiatric.

I have approximately 4 years of CNA experience in several specialties, 1 year of LTC LPN experience, and 1 year of RN experience. My RN experience is in Med/Surg, LTC, and Adult Psych. I am currently working on completing my BSN and hope to attend grad school to be PMHNP.

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  1. Do you have Malpractice Ins?

    I have mine through NSO. I wouldn't work without it!
  2. Psych NP questions

    Psychiatrists, PMHNP's, and PA's do medication management. Licensed psychologists, LPCs, LCSWs, MFTs, etc do primarily counseling. "The money" for licensed psychologists is not in counseling. Most facilities in the area I am from hire LPCs, LCSWs, MF...
  3. Am I underpaid?

    I would look at something such as this: OES Maps Geographic location, specialty, cost of living, etc are large factors in what an average wage is.
  4. Online BSN programs

    I am completing my BSN through WGU. No set due dates is very helpful for me because I have 2 jobs!
  5. BSN Online

    I am also going through WGU. I am not accelerating it as quickly as others, but it works. No set due dates is very helpful with 2 jobs!
  6. Becoming increasingly frustrated at work.

    Dealing with stress and burnout can be difficult. I would suggest thinking of stress reduction and relaxation techniques that work for you. Exercise and listening to music is my stress reducer. LTC can be very stressful due to the number of residents...
  7. Orientation????

    I would say the type of questions depends on the type of unit. Which unit/speciality?
  8. What is your dream unit?

    As an outpatient PMHNP specializing in PTSD and ASD related to high stress jobs (i.e. law enforcement, trauma health care workers, etc.)
  9. New grad resume help!

    Will it allow you to private message me? It gives me an error message every method I try to use
  10. Help! Resume critique please!

    These are far too lengthy of skills statements. You might say something like: [TABLE=align: left] [TR] [TD=align: left] Collaborated with an interdisciplinary team ensuring patient needs were met [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=align: left] [TR] [TD=a...
  11. No Hospital Experience

    Like you stated, highlight your transferable skills. I was hired in a hospital as a brand new ADN grad. It is possible despite what a lot of people will lead you to believe.
  12. New grad resume help!

    It is not allowing me to attach an image to show you a better way to format your resume It keeps giving me an error. I would include your clinic experiences and pursuing your BSN in your cover letter versus your resume. I will see if I can find a wa...
  13. I start nursing school in 9 days! Any Advice?

    Study hard, ask questions, give yourself a few hours each week to relax and unwind. Don't worry...crying is normal, even after graduating.
  14. I have a dilemma

    There is nothing wrong with starting with an ADN. That is what I did. I didn't have any problems getting a job. I am currently finishing my BSN online. With your current situation with your husband, it might be best to look into just taking some gene...
  15. Unprepared interviewer

    My story isn't as bad in the interview portion. I was scheduled for an interview for a CNA position (back in the day). I drove an hour for the interview. I arrived, checked in, and sat down to wait. I waited for 45 minutes! I apparently was "forgotte...