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  1. Vanursie

    Getting alternative AA meetings approved by your program?

    Atheists can def recovery too! For the first year I used my cat as a higher power! Haha not sure why but it worked! My counselor said any of the meetings or programs such as SMART and a few others I forgot all count toward monthly meetings but unfortunately there is none of those available in our area. I've seen a lot of peers struggle with the aa concept and although I was not brought up religiously I felt okay going to aa meetings. I'm pretty much just open to any ideas or beliefs because I haven't a clue what's out there or where we stand in this world, Hopefully when you email him he approves it! I'm hoping I get approved for nights, it just always helps to hear other people have succeeded then it doesn't seem like such a big deal to ask for it to be considered
  2. Vanursie

    Getting alternative AA meetings approved by your program?

    Well that gives me some hope! Night shift was all I did for years and it has been hard adapting to days!
  3. Vanursie

    Va monitoring program

    Yes! All the time, and when you do talk to someone it feels like you have to start from the beginning because they forgot what they were suppose to be staffing for you! Heh.. But god bless them if it wasn't for them we would be in a whole not her situation.
  4. Vanursie

    Getting alternative AA meetings approved by your program?

    Did you every get your request approved? I am right now struggling to get the courage to request my no nights stipulation change. I have two years sobriety and 100% complient, recently got my controlled sub access back but would like to do nights permanently. I work in a hospital setting so there is always supervision there but for some reason I am terrified to even ask my cm in VA. I feel like you just don't hear of monitored nurses doing nights. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?
  5. Vanursie

    Nurse in recovery

    I recently switched locations and started attending all new meetings and I must say it can really be a breathe of fresh air! Sometimes all it takes is to connect with some new people and your recovery thrives from it!