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  1. I pass nclex 265 question 3rd time

    I just want to encourage others who are struggling with passing, there is hope, believe in yourself, and know that God has already given you victory. without him I wouldn't have made it. Good luck with everyone, I used uworld, Kaplan, Hurst and Saund...
  2. NCLEX passed in 265 questions

    hello did you feel like your last 2 questions where below passing on the exam, I had 265 and I feel like I failed the Last 2 questions, I failed question 264 because I checked.
  3. Only 3 SATA, did I fail?

    did you pass the exam?
  4. Study partner

    am available, email me at
  5. Need Content Review Book for NCLEX. Any suggestions?

    hey have you taken your nclex again
  6. 3rd time is a Charm! Passed Nclex with 75 questions and PVT

    hey I wanted to ask what is the name of the private review class, my email is
  7. Failed NCLEX-RN few times Applying for LPN examination

    hey wanted to find out if you decided to take the Lpn, listen to your instinct, I am in the same shoes, I took my nclex-rn twice and didn't make it, and went to take the nclex-LPN I passed all thanks to God. don't let people on this site discourage y...
  8. Failed NCLEX RN 7 times. Need help. Any suggestions are welcome.

    why don't you try and take the lpn and see how it goes then have some experience with it and later reapply to take the nclex-RN, it's not like am telling you to give up, I know the feeling of failure, I too failed the nclex-RN twice already, and deci...