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  1. CCRN_CSC_0710

    How do you study in CRNA School?

    I really like Quizlet as well. You can copy pictures into it too so you can study diagrams. Towards the end of didactic I started studying in 30 minute sessions--30 minute intense studying followed by a 5 minute break. After 2ish hours I'd take a 15 minute break and after 4 hours a 30-60 minute break for a meal. This worked very well for me instead of 8 hours straight. ETA: my classmates would divide up the lectures to spend less time making index cards and more time studying them.
  2. CCRN_CSC_0710

    How many hours per week do you commit to your schooling?

    In July I averaged 45 hours a week in clinical, then 35 of studying (~5 a night, even week nights). August average was 62 hours a week, still studying about 35 a week (more on Saturday/Sunday). TBD what September will bring.
  3. CCRN_CSC_0710

    To all the ladies....

    That's perfect. I wore a light colored suit and flats because I'm incapable of walking in heels, but most people were in heels. Most men were in suits with jackets and ties, if that gives you any idea. Good luck!
  4. CCRN_CSC_0710

    As a CRNA, Can You Still Pick Up RN Shifts?

    I have no desire to place Foley's anymore, but in clinical I inserted more NGs (not counting OGs) in my first month than I did in 5 years as a CVICU RN. The skills you use as a CRNA are so much different (and more advanced) than the skills you use as a RN. I'll gladly lose my ability to insert a Flexiseal if that means I can insert epidurals.
  5. CCRN_CSC_0710

    Getting an MPH before CRNA school

    If you want to be a CRNA, don't waste your money on another degree. It won't improve admission chances. As far as shadowing, contact the anesthesia department at your hospital and see what they say. That's usually the easiest way to shadow.
  6. CCRN_CSC_0710

    CRNA DNAP Program & Working Possible?

    The only person who tried working during the school year in my program is also the only student on academic probation. Some students pick up shifts on break but that's it.
  7. CCRN_CSC_0710

    CRNA Hours

    You might want to stay as an RN. I've never met someone with 6 on 6 off.
  8. CCRN_CSC_0710

    BSN or MSN

    Not a single person in my class has an MSN.
  9. CCRN_CSC_0710

    Before going to CRNA school

    I'd sugggest contacting the program director especially since you already know which specific schools you want to apply to. I remember attending an information session when I was applying and someone asked this question, and the program director said it would not count, but I don't think it hurts to ask.
  10. CCRN_CSC_0710

    How Did You Choose Your Program?

    To be honest every student has those bad days and buyer's remorse. CRNA school sucks to put it bluntly. Right now all you can do is work hard and become a CRNA. I chose my school based on location and what was best for my husband. The cost of living here is low and my clinical sites are great.
  11. CCRN_CSC_0710

    First in my family to go to college... Hoping to become a CRNA

    A 3.5 is really not that bad. What was your BSN GPA? I had a classmate who had like a 2.5 in her bio degree and then a 3.8 in nursing school. She had a lot of experience (8 years in the ICU) but she got in the first time she applied. If your schools require microbio I would retake it. However, a good GRE and a few years of solid CVICU experience should be fine. Get your CCRN and maybe CSC and CMC.
  12. CCRN_CSC_0710

    Preferred ICU exp, in your opinion

    I'd personally take the one I'm interested in more. We have many people in my program with only medical ICU backgrounds. I also feel like if you're not interested in CVICU you (no offense intended!) won't be a very good nurse. We had a nurse who switched to our CVICU just for CRNA school and it was very obvious from the beginning she was not a good fit, but when she transferred to the neuro ICU she quickly became one of the best nurses and is now in CRNA school somewhere.
  13. One of my classmates had a C in organic chemistry and applied anyways, but was not accepted (nor even granted an interview) the first time, and our program told her that was why because she did not meet the minimum requirements. She retook that one class at a university and was accepted the following year.
  14. CCRN_CSC_0710

    CRNA after NP masters

    A lot of the "post masters CRNA" programs you're referring to are, more likely than not, programs for a DNP for people who are already CRNAs (i.e. have a master's in anesthesia). An NP in all of the programs I looked at would have to take the exact same courses as I would, making the program just as long and expensive.
  15. CCRN_CSC_0710

    Open Heart Education

    We got a binder and then 5 hearts with a preceptor. My first 4 were extremely stable and barely on any drips (maybe insulin, or a nitro gtt at a low rate) so my boss allowed me 2 more where there was more going on.
  16. CCRN_CSC_0710

    Acetaminophen use, liver damage, and ICU

    Was the acetaminophen scheduled or PRN?