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  1. Lucile Packard residency 2015/2016

    I also got a thanks but no thanks. Good luck to everyone who has an interview :)
  2. Lucile Packard residency 2015/2016

    Has anyone one received any news today?
  3. Lucile Packard residency 2015/2016

    I haven't heard anything either. Not to be morbid but has anyone or heard of anyone receiving any indication that they were not accepted?
  4. Lucile Packard residency 2015/2016

    I just completed the endorsement process, and am fortunate to live in the Bay Area, so I was able to drive to and from the Board of Nursing in Sacramento to drop off my paperwork, which I know definitely expedited my process. It still took me a littl...
  5. Filing for Endorsement in CA

    hello! I know a lot of people have had issues with getting their temporary and permanent licenses from CA when they have filed for endorsement. I was just wondering if there was a way to actually track your application status online. thanks!!