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  1. Anyone has experience with Salem Hospital nurse residency program , any information to share?
  2. Anyone has experience with Piedmont Henry ER department and nursing residency?
  3. Salem Hospital Residency Winter 2017

    Any info on Salem residency program?
  4. Emory vs. Piedmont Critical Care Residency

    How do you like residency at Piedmont? I just accepted Piedmont Henry also have offer from Emory St. Joseph , if anyone could share their experience with one or another or both please.
  5. Piedmont Henry ED RN Residency 2017

    How do you like it so far ? i just received an offer with Piedmont Henry and offer with St Joseph. Not sure which to choose. could anyone share their experiences at both?
  6. Please help

    Does anyone know when accepted people for the fall of 2015 at Lehman collage would be registrated for classes?