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  1. Chamberlain College Of Nursing BSN May 2017

    Hello, Study the recommended review book cover to cover. The HESI isn't hard at all as long you study that HESI A2 book. I'm in my senior year at Chamberlain. It's a lot of work and sacrifice. Nothing about it is easy. Every thing that is taught wil...
  2. Has anyone been rejected from chamberlain?

    Hey... In NJ the requirement for entry are a GPA of 2.5 and I think you have to score atleast 80% on the Hesi exam for mainly the math, reading, and vocabulary. If you took your prerequisites already, you should be in. Maybe the board hasn't viewed y...
  3. Books and supplies

    Oh wow. Smh... Thanks for the info
  4. Chamberlain NJ campus

    Nice! Have you gone to any of the open house? The facility is awesome!
  5. Chamberlain NJ campus

    Hello all! Will anyone be starting in the fall @ the Chamberlain NJ campus or attend now?
  6. Microbiology Prep

    Know your A&P, know the cell and its functions, Krebs cycle, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, know the cell shapes. Micro is fun!!! Especially if you have an awesome professor. Enjoy! And good luck!
  7. NJ Campus

    Hey guys! I'll be starting the fall semester @ the NJ campus. I've heard from a few nurses that I know that the school is great and produces good nurses. One in particular, her family member went to a campus in the south somewhere and did well. I hav...
  8. Books and supplies

    Thanks a bunch! ☺️
  9. Books and supplies

    Hola! Does anyone know if you have to get the books from the Chamberlain portal or can you purchase them on your own?
  10. Not accepted

    How did you do on the HESI? It could have been that or your drug/background check.
  11. Accepted to Chamberlain Houston Campus

    Congrats! I was accepted at the NJ campus and will be starting the end of August. I transferred 34 credits and will be done in about 2 years also. I am so excited!! Again Congrats... To both of you! 😊