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  1. How far ahead to make plans to travel?

    Thank you so much for your advice, I appreciate it! To answer your question about floating to the NICU, I work in a smaller hospital that is very frequently short staffed, therefore the staffing pool employees are trained to float to every unit in t...
  2. UPHS-Marquette (Marquette General) Job description ?

    D, A and N refer to the shift (days, afternoons, nights) and the V means "variable" meaning that your schedule would not be cyclical but instead it would be whatever weekdays they needed you to work. The F stands for flex which means you would not be...
  3. How far ahead to make plans to travel?

    Hi all, I am an RN with over 1 and a half years experience on a med/surg/tele floor; a couple of months ago I changed positions and now work as a staffing pool RN floating all over the hospital, most frequently to Intermediate Care Unit (step-down) a...