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  1. GhosttRN

    Carrying around your brain sheet?

    I used a small clipboard that could fit in my pocket and I wrapped the full sheet around the clipboard. I loved that. Small enough to pocket it, sturdy enough to wright on it. I found a few in the dollar section at target once. "Whitecoat clipboard" is also something similar. A large regular clipboard is just too unwieldy. I also had a friend who used note cards bound by a ring. You'll find something that works for ya. Have fun!
  2. GhosttRN

    Nursing and the supernatural

    In my old hospital we had just one room where the pts would all call around 1-4 in the am complaining about the kids playing with a ball outside the door and asking us to keep them quiet. Never were any kids but it was an old Peds floor years prior. On a different floor we had a guy die from CA and it seamed he stuck around in his room and the adjoining room. The call bells for those two rooms would always go off and the beds never stayed made-up when they where empty, like someone was always sitting/laying on the made bed. He would also turn on the water faucet. Really freaked out one of our CNAs one night when she was restocking. She refused to go in there at night after that.
  3. GhosttRN

    Sexy male scrubs

    Haha! Thats what I'm talking about. Guys! lets all go get one, sterility be darned, thats why they make special gowns. Be sure it fits our arms nice and tight however. Don't want to loose that.
  4. GhosttRN

    Future RN HELP HELP!

    Are you a reservist? If not, how are you going to get time off to go to school? As a reservist you could finish your degree and go "Hey AF, Im a nurse. Will you give me a commission and let be a nurse with you?" Green to Gold style. Or is it blue to green? or whatever it is. Talk to a career NCO, you may be able to get the AF to pay for school and place you in a program where all you do is go to school. The Army has this program, ANCP or something like that.
  5. GhosttRN

    Mens nursing shoes?

    $20 running shoes from costco. I wear em loose so I can slip them off while I chart to let em breath and just 'cause I hate shoes. I clock around 5-8 miles a shift. I feel fine after my shift with these. I like running shoes the best. My current pair are filas. I change them out every 4-6 months or so and at $20/pair I don't care. I cavi whipe the crap out of them after shift and powder them before I go home. I leave them at work and wear my regular shoes/sandals to and from. Socks make a big difference too. Get a good pair of socks that support your arches and wick moisture and you'll be golden. I did have a pair of Oakley combat boots that I really liked to wear when I worked MedSurg. Still do boots every now and then PRN. Socks and a good fit are the keys to happy feet. I have a lot of friends who wear crocs My worse pair of shoes was my school shoes. I couldn't find anything but these ugly white walkers. They sucked. Were hot and smelly. Never doing walkers again.
  6. GhosttRN

    Does this violate hipaa?

    If it violates HIPPA there, wouldn't that mean it violates it here? HIPPA deals with the way PII is controlled. Mentioning that you had a family member receive care there, in my opinion does not violate HIPPA. Plus you were not charged with protecting that data. You never worked as a care provider for them. Its just a matter of how much info your family wants tossed around. I can say My mom was treated at "xyz" for "abc" and they did "lmnop" but I was never the care taker it would be me just spreading info about my mom. Not violating HIPPA. Correct me if I'm wrong? I would also agree with Bucky. Not to be rude but it sounds like you may need a HIPPA refresher.
  7. GhosttRN

    Sexy male scrubs

    Easy. any scrubs. Here's how. If you're a large, wear a medium. If you're and XL wear L. get the idea?. especially with the pants if you do a lot of squats, ahaha. No undershirt and use one that has a deep v neck.
  8. GhosttRN

    Dilaudid for self-driving patient.

    So when can a HCP prevent a pt from leaving AMA? Any pt can leave when they want otherwise its a violation of civil rights.
  9. GhosttRN

    Dilaudid for self-driving patient.

    Fully agree here and is my current practice. A bartender can give out ETOH but he isn't required to make sure the guy has a ride. Its the drinkers responsibility to not drive EVERYONE knows that. Now its our job to make sure the PT KNOWs that after this medication, if he is caught driving it is a DUI. "I educate. I medicate. I document. I discharge when appropriate" I like this
  10. GhosttRN

    What to do when u find an unresponsive patient

    Agree with everyone. -Find unresponsive pt. -you were unable to arouse them -pulse check - nothing? -begin BLS/ACLS stop when told to by Doc or when everyone is saying "He's DNR!!!" lol. Nobody should get mad at you for starting CPR on an unresponsive pt. Sounds if pt DNR, maybe your institution needs to come up with a labeling method to inform everyone. (sign, bracelet, whatever) I have coded DNR PTs in the past because "check code status" is not part of the algorithm. that's something that will be determined but should be known by all ahead of time. Lessons learned sometimes come down hard. But learning happens everyday. Don't miss the opportunity
  11. GhosttRN

    Nights Shifts and your Marriage

    +1 planning and commo
  12. GhosttRN

    What to do about refusing Dr. orders?

    I may be brash and I haven't read all the comment. But why would you work in an environment where you cannot question a doctor? Sounds toxic. I would quit. TeamSTEPPS anyone? Same team same fight.
  13. GhosttRN

    Just graduated H.S. & REALLY considering the navy!

    I think it is awesome that you want to serve and this is a great time in the military. (it always is :)) My advice is to not lock yourself on the idea of a service. See what they all have to offer. They all have very similar benefits as far as being a vet. goes. Training in the service is great as well. If you want to get in the Military now after HS the best thing to do is go ROTC with a focus on Nursing. And this is where shopping the service choice will benefit you. Who will pay for your school, ie scholarship, full ride or partial. Budget is tight and they don't guarantee active duty anymore, its competitive now. Which school will give you the best benefits too. Not all schools are created equal whether its the RN program the ROTC program or the extra benefits they give to ROTC students. My advice is to pick the schools you want to go to then find out who their ROTC recruiter is. Call them and see what they can do for you. They will be able to tell you the benefits, the likelihood you will be able to get a scholarship if into the school at all. You need to be accepted into the school before you can go ROTC. They will only entertain the idea of you as a possible recruit if you show self motivation and drive. If you can, go to their office and sit with them, they like that. When you finish the 4 year program you will commission as an 0-1 in whatever service you sign up with as an RN for at least a 4 year obligation. (If i were to do it again I would probably go Air Force). I can give you more specifics on the Army if you'd like. If you want to enlist, the Army has a great LPN program and options later to go RN (tough and really good programs). But I still suggest you go for your RN via ROTC as the pay is way better and the life is easier as an Officer. Military life in general is not for everyone. There is a commitment to an external idea verse the self and some people have a hard time with it. ROTC gives you a taste and you can decide if its for you. You need to be willing to get into good physical fitness. If you're fat and you go to a recruiter you automatically fall down low on their priority. Not to say its not possible to get into shape and still be able to get in. There is a standard and you must meet it. If you decide its for you, the physical part is easy and will come with hard work. Please ask questions. Military commitment is just that. A commitment. Not an easy choice, but the gains and benefits you receive as a person and worth it if its for you.
  14. GhosttRN

    Nights Shifts and your Marriage

    I've worked NS for about 60% of my career and it is tough for my wife and I being on different timelines. You spend more time together consistently though. You get to see each other every day, I got to eat dinner with my family before leaving for work and I get breakfast with them when I get off. (working mainly 19-0700). But I'm always sleeping during the day. Some people can switch back and forth pretty easy, I cannot and must stay either on days or nights. When I'm working days however, I get less consistent time with my family. I'm gone before she wakes and I'm home after the kids are in bed. Although with my days off I get to spend it with them without depriving myself of sleep. All in all, not sleeping together is the worse part. Especially on your nights off when you don't want to mess with your rhythm. I prefer DS.
  15. GhosttRN

    Infusion Caps and Rapid infusion

    Sorry for the duplicate post, still figuring out this site. I would love to talk to CT, but we don't have one. We don't even have Xray. Very remote trauma medicine. Back home the stuff we use is power rated to include the IV pigtail extensions and I use them in my traumas.
  16. GhosttRN

    Infusion Caps and Rapid infusion

    The link you provided just sends me to the general anesthesiology website. Funny though, that's how the question came about, I work with and CRNA and she doesn't like to use them. Whats the jist of what your link states?