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  1. Are you conflicted? Ethics in the NICU

    The fact that you guys have an ethics team is extremely reassuring. I thought I wanted to get a nicu nurse butthe ethics of some cases frightens me but if I was in a lower acuity nicu like level 2 or had a scenario like yours where there is an ethics...
  2. Are you conflicted? Ethics in the NICU

    I read this book called Baby at RiskI'm really hoping for a discussion. This book was published in 2006 so it's quite old given how fast medicine moves. And it has me conflicted about the history and how treatment is decided in the NICU. But I wanted...
  3. RN with Athabasca

    In what way are they more challenging?
  4. This program is in Edmonton Alberta and they have a both seated program and an online program. And I wanted to know if any of you had done the program and what was your experience like with the program another thing to be helpful is if you were able ...
  5. I'm really interested in case management and I am going to talk to an actual nurse that works with my mother. I wanted to ask her things like what's the best way to get into this field Can you do this field as a social worker? (is there any overlap)...
  6. Do They Think I'm Old?

    I would want to retire by 65. I hate that the economy is so bad and there is such a surplus of labor that people can't retire. I mean it's different if you want to work but I guess I had a different picture in mind. The world has changed a lot. Retir...
  7. Health care administration - non nurses

    I'm sorry but I don't think it necessary that they need to have clinical experience. No offense but this seems just like more lobbying about how nurses are needed at every position. Nurses can make great administrators but non nurses can too
  8. Feeling like giving up..

    I think you are being so hard on yourself. Maybe your working environment is not the best for you. And you are also a nurse otherwise it wouldn't be in your title. You might feel better if you went ahead and got your rn and feel like you are progress...
  9. Is there a pay gap in the nursing field?

    Since there is largely a female field I wonder if there is any difference. Also let's widen the discussion. How about for asians, blacks, and latinos. Is there a pay disparity there? I have heard a lot about the pay gap in hollywood (I don't know if ...
  10. Better Looking females get better grades?

    well according to this study... it didn't make a difference with men!
  11. Nursing or Speech Pathology

    Nursing adminstration pays very well (frankly better than SLP)and your MBA experience would really shine through. And again the options in nursing makes it a no brainer in my opinion. Plus speech pathology programs are very expensive while most nurs...
  12. Is it worth it to go get your MS in Clinical Informatics?

    It also depends how well you excel on the program. If you do good in this field and excel then it would be worth it. IT people can make a lot. However it more about skills and excelling in the career rather than getting the degree. I know a lot peopl...
  13. I know this isn't a direct nursing article but nurses spend their fair share of time in the classroom and many on here are still students and wanted to know your thoughts on this. What do you guys think? What has been your personal experience in t...
  14. Anatomy and Physiology

    The nursing school you apply will accept online classes. None of them at Northern California do! Where are you located may I ask? You are so lucky!!!!
  15. Does anyone know of anyone or any opportunity for a desk job with someone who has an associate degree in songraphy. With additional pursuit of a BS in healthcare management online. Please help