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  1. sadbuthappy

    RN with Athabasca

    In what way are they more challenging?
  2. This program is in Edmonton Alberta and they have a both seated program and an online program. And I wanted to know if any of you had done the program and what was your experience like with the program another thing to be helpful is if you were able to get jobs after the program
  3. I'm really interested in case management and I am going to talk to an actual nurse that works with my mother. I wanted to ask her things like what's the best way to get into this field Can you do this field as a social worker? (is there any overlap) What is your average day? Can you get into this field straight from nursing school? What makes a good ur nurse? things like that. Pros and Cons of the jobs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. And I also want to make a good impression which is hard because I tend to be awkward. So any tips on that would be nice as well
  4. sadbuthappy

    Better Looking females get better grades?

    well according to this study... it didn't make a difference with men!
  5. I know this isn't a direct nursing article but nurses spend their fair share of time in the classroom and many on here are still students and wanted to know your thoughts on this. What do you guys think? What has been your personal experience in the matter? Attractive nurses do you think you get special treatment? I thought this was sad. I think the difference is worse when it comes to earnings. Why even in this day and age are still so much emphasis put on a female's looks. More attractive female students enjoy higher grades in the classroom.
  6. Does anyone know of anyone or any opportunity for a desk job with someone who has an associate degree in songraphy. With additional pursuit of a BS in healthcare management online. Please help
  7. I have been having this fear since late 2011 and it has really held me back academically, socially,etc. I don't know it's this fear of people belittling, putting me down, passive aggressive behavior. And since nursing can have more of this behavior (from what I have heard) I really haven't been able to pursue this career even though I think it could something I could. Any input would be helpful . Thanks in advance.
  8. I have the opportunity to do a surgical technology program before nursing school. How beneficial would be it for me to do the surg tech program so that I can get a job as a OR nurse. What can I do in my gap year that would help me get an OR job. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.