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  1. South University- West Palm Beach Campus

    Hi! Are you attending South? do you know the GPA to get into the RN program?
  2. South University April 2016 BSN

    Are you taking any online classes?
  3. South University- West Palm Beach Campus

    Hi! What program are planning to apply for? The tuition is EXPENSIVE! I would suggest you do an extensive amount of research about the school and how you will be able to afford it and be able to transfer to another will the credits.
  4. South University April 2016 cohort

    For online Eng3 I have Gabriel Smith, she's great!
  5. South University April 2016 cohort

    You are very welcomed! Yeah I guess people are too chicken to comment because my post has so many views. Any way, I'm currently taking 2 online classes and a ground class. (Eng3 and intro Philosophy online & Speech) You seem ahead of me already i...
  6. I'm also in the process of completing my pre-req's. Wish you the best of luck!
  7. South University April 2016 cohort

    Congrats! I started taking my pre-req's this month and actually plan on applying in April of next year. Just make sure you stay in contact with admissions about getting your transcripts or any documents being in the system. the reason why I say that...
  8. South University nursing program

    Pretty much no one wants to respond to our post about the BSN program. Did you start already?
  9. Keiser University

    Well, If you're worried about accreditation, then browse through ccne/acen websites to view what schools in your area is accredited. Most of the time, the school will post on their website if they are accredited through either one of those two agenci...
  10. Jersey College of Nursing vs Rasmussen in Florida

    I would suggest you research to see if their Nursing Program is accredited by ACNE/CCNE. If not you will be wasting your time and money because there are very few hospitals hiring nurses who graduated from a non- accredited school.
  11. South University- Tampa: BSN 4/15 Cohort

    I've just enrolled at SU and my classes start on the 6th of Aug. Congrats on getting accepted, much of luck! How is it going so far?
  12. Best Tuition Reimbursement in Tampa Hospitals

    I don't know what exactly what you mean by what tuition reimbursement hospitals provide. I assume its based by if you are PT or FT will determine how much you will receive for the year? (E.g. FT gets $5,456 and PT $4,654...Not exact numbers) Mostly...
  13. This post is mainly to get South University grads or current students to provide insight about what they experienced and dish out helpful tips. Basically provide advice you wish someone should have giving you. And what your plans are. For those who h...
  14. South University tampa BSN

    @appystep Did you get accepted in April? If so, how is your experience at the school? I'm taking pre-req's before I apply for the Nursing prgm. I'll be taking College Algebra2, Public Speaking, & Composition3 in Aug 6th.
  15. South University-Tampa Spring 2014 applicants

    Hi Mini-B! I enrolled for Aug 6th to complete my pre-req's. I want to know how's the experience so far? What classes did you take ( online/ ground)? What should I look out for because I'll be applying in April for the Nursing BSN. Did you purchase m...