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  1. Help me please I need to retake my hesi ASAP!

    I have a thread on this if you'd like to check it out:
  2. Hesi a2 entrance exam tips!

    Hi born_this_way! I don't have any quizlet cards of my own, but when I was studying for the HESI A2 I searched "hesi a2 biology" or "hesi a2 anatomy and physiology"/"hesi a2 a&p" on quizlet. I binge-studied a TON of those card sets in preparation...
  3. Hesi a2 entrance exam tips!

    Hi gio21, I would consider myself pretty skilled in Reading Comprehension/Grammar, so I took every single practice test I could get my hands on-- if there was a question that I missed, I would Google the type of question it was (ex: plurals and sente...
  4. Hesi a2 entrance exam tips!

    Hi adcinhae, sorry for the super long delay! I did in fact get accepted and I'm in my first semester of nursing school! I hope you were accepted as well!
  5. Hesi a2 entrance exam tips!

    Hi, adcinhae! I applied this past summer for the Spring 2016 Face-to-face BSN program-- I'll find out if I was accepted before the end of October! Super nervous!! When do you find out, do you know?
  6. Help - I failed HESI 2a exam

    Hi! I just wrote a post on my experience with the HESI A2, you should check it out if you get the chance :) I struggled with math all throughout middle school, high school, & the first year of college, yet I scored a 96% on the math section of th...
  7. Hesi a2 entrance exam tips!

    So I know that there's a ton of threads on allnurses that discuss the HESI A2 Entrance Exam, but I felt like I needed to talk about my experience with the exam and offer any advice that hasn't been mentioned so far. In order to be admitted into the B...