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  1. bellavita20

    Holy Family (2nd degree) Accelerated Nursing

    Do we know what the NCLEX pass rate is for the accelerated program? That is my main concern!
  2. bellavita20

    Holy Family (2nd degree) Accelerated Nursing

    I am attending! I have been trying to find more information about the program but haven't been successful.
  3. bellavita20

    Working with classes

    Hello everyone! I am currently applying for CNA positions and taking prerequisites for nursing school. Right now I'm taking 3 classes - which require me to be on campus 2 times a week. I have interviewed for a 3- 12 hr shift position. How many of you have/are working schedules like this with school? How would you rank your ability to focus on work and school while doing this schedule. Any suggestions would be great!

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