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    Don't Feed The Test Anxiety Monster

    Hello Aspiring Nurses, I am a professional testing coach and I have been coaching clients preparing for nursing entrance exams for 6 years now. I have collected a wealth of useful tips and strategies that I want to share to help everyone achieve their goals of nursing school and careers. My best advise is to STAY CALM! I know this is "easier said than done", but managing test anxiety is truly the best means of getting your highest possible score. Recognizing that you are experiencing test anxiety is the first step in slaying this monster. Here are some helpful tips: Note your physical reactions : racing heart, sweaty palms, tight thighs, and know that you have gone there Take a deep breath and relax your muscles from head to foot Repeat a mantra to yourself i.e. I got this! I will get in! Here comes 90% Imagine and feel a wave of confidence Staying calm allows you to be logical and think clearly. Practise these strategies for calmness as often as you practise test questions. Calm yourself every time you have an anxious reaction to thinking about "the test". With practise you will continuously gain confidence that will ,in turn, keep you calm. Works everytime :). Good Luck Sincerely Testguru