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GSDlvrRN has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. GSDlvrRN

    Condescension from Critical Care Nurses Towards Med-Surg Nurses

    It doesn’t and I never said the way he acted was justified. I said I understood why he was mad.
  2. GSDlvrRN

    Condescension from Critical Care Nurses Towards Med-Surg Nurses

    I understood why he was mad. I was also mad because a code was called on a patient who had clear orders for no CPR and chest compressions were in progress. If the RN saw that the patient was going south, she should’ve clarified the code status. The RT is also responsible for clarifying code status. The surprising thing was the nurse had the patient the day before, which was when the doctor had a conversation with the patient’s son about the code status. The nurse was made aware of the code status the day before, specifically no intubation and no CPR. The son still wanted full treatment so the nurse confused that as treating the bradycardia with CPR.
  3. GSDlvrRN

    Condescension from Critical Care Nurses Towards Med-Surg Nurses

    Unfortunately I felt stuck, I had asked the attending if any labs should be checked and he said "whatever you want". Buh!! I didn't even know what to ask for, I was overwhelmed in the moment and couldn't think of anything.
  4. GSDlvrRN

    Condescension from Critical Care Nurses Towards Med-Surg Nurses

    Yes!!! A rapid response nurse once verbally berated the primary nurse and respiratory tech when he responded to a code blue. When the rapid response got there and opened the chart he saw that the patient was DNR Limited Treatment and had orders for NO CPR. The respiratory tech was already doing compressions when the crisis nurse got there. Crisis nurse printed an ECG strip, ripped it off the machine, signed it and SLAMMED the crash cart closed before storming out and meeting the primary nurse in the hallway. He said some nasty things to her and she cried...Totally understand why he was mad, I was mad too as a bystander!
  5. GSDlvrRN

    Condescension from Critical Care Nurses Towards Med-Surg Nurses

    The patient's baseline was that he was disoriented to time and place and he was slow to respond when asked questions and slow to follow commands. This is what the patient's wife described to us as "normal" for him so we called his baseline. I had asked the attending after the patient returned if there were any labs to be checked. I am not familiar with treatment of seizures, I really didn't know what labs should be checked, if any. He said "Whatever you want" and I had no idea! I also asked my supervisor and she said "What does the crisis nurse say?" I had expected that the crisis nurse would update me after the four hour follow up and he didn't, which I did not expect from this nurse. He usually comes up to me or calls and asks me how the patient has been doing and he offers suggestions at the four hour follow up. I wasn't sure if the scans, bolus with Keppra and neuro consult was all that should be done for the patient. I was afraid to miss something and I was hoping the crisis nurse could offer input when I didn't even know what I should be asking the attending for. If he didn't think anything else should be done I had expected he would say so, I didn't expect to be quizzed.
  6. GSDlvrRN

    Condescension from Critical Care Nurses Towards Med-Surg Nurses

    I called an RRT yesterday for stroke like symptoms. The crisis nurse was helpful and took my patient to CT and called the ICU doctor because he thought the patient was losing his airway. They determined, based on what I reported, the patient had a seizure. He came back to the room and I bolused with keppra. The patients mental status recovered to base line. The crisis nurse had ordered PT/INR so I had that drawn. I monitored the patient the rest of the day and I kept feeling like I needed to do something else. Like crisis panel or at least check sodium. I couldn’t think what , I asked the crisis nurse if he thought other labs should be checked.. I was met with questions. “What is your concern? What labs would you like?” Geeze, I don’t know I was asking for help! Also, this happened at 11, he said he would do a 4 hour follow up and he had not updated me. I asked him if he was able to follow up and he said yes patient was still altered and he updated MD. I asked him if patient was a GCS 14 when he saw him and he said “ Does he wake up and talk for you?” I see this behavior as uncivil and he was not helpful. I feel like I was met with attitude and like he was talking to me like I was dumb. I cried on the way home.
  7. GSDlvrRN

    Possible error in judgement?

    If it was a.fib the vital signs machine will not pick up accurate heart rate because a.fib is irregular. The purpose of the ekg is to get an accurate rate and rhythm, so go with the ekg.
  8. GSDlvrRN

    "I've never done this before"

    Saying you don’t know how to do something and saying you have never done something are two different things. And I don’t think either thing should be said in front of a patient. It should be said by the new nurse or student to the nurse they are following before they enter the patients room.
  9. GSDlvrRN

    First U.S. Death from Vape-Related Illness

    I’m so so glad you posted about this!!
  10. GSDlvrRN

    Can I lose my license over this?

    Then why worry yourself sick?
  11. GSDlvrRN

    new onset afib

    Totally agree. If the AF continues, consider an anticoagulant to further prevent clots. I also do not think he should be on your floor. Tele units can do metoprolol IVP, cardizem IVP, also drips like amiodarone and cardizem. Also considering that he fell, it could’ve been caused by a conversion pause. How do you know he hasn’t been going in and out of a.fib. at home? For how long?
  12. GSDlvrRN

    I have trouble pulling up clear liquid into a syringe

    Ever tried pulling lorazepam with a subq needle? I did that once when supplies were ridiculously low!!
  13. GSDlvrRN

    Can I lose my license over this?

    I just want to point out, you were on the phone in public.... not at work. I think you’re over reacting and this patient’s daughter has way too much power over you. Who gives a flying hoot what she thinks????
  14. GSDlvrRN

    Useless Shift Report Information

    What type of jello/juice/pudding they prefer to take meds with, what side they sleep on, what ICU bed they came from, how rude the ICU nurse was giving report, they’re marriage status or sexual orientation, family members numbers that are already in the chart. And by the way, they’re grandson is a nurse here in the ICU, and they’re daughter is a resident at UCSF and wants to know the morning labs and xray/echocardiogram results and her number is ***~***~****.
  15. GSDlvrRN

    Error in judgement?

    How is everything going now?
  16. GSDlvrRN

    Had a horrible weekend...

    My facility uses Alaris pumps and the pump will alarm you that the concentration of potassium needs to be administered via central line. This is a nice safety feature that helps, especially if you don’t remember what can be given peripherally vs. what should be given via central line.

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