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Spent the last 20 years deciding what I don't want to do. Starting Nursing program in Fall 2015. Live in small town in Northern, MI. Married and adopted a beautiful baby boy at 2 days old who is now 18 months. He is the joy of my everyday. Enjoy cooking, running, wine and outdoors.

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    Job Offer?!

    Wow! This is so similar to my story and the opportunity that I have in front of me. I work at a hospital that is about 75 miles from me and it takes me about an hour and 10 min to drive plus another 20 min to park and then get into the building and up to my unit. I typically stay overnight at a friend's house that is closer to the hospital when I work more than one shift in a row. Although the time away from my family and the pain that goes into packing and planning for an overnight stay was taking its toll on my, I had not considered leaving my position. I recently started a prn job with a home healthcare company closer to my home. The home healthcare company has recently offered me a full time position that is 40 hrs a week and nearly $4/hr more than I currently make plus paid for mileage. I will be closer to home and won't be spending nights away from my family. How can I not take the position? If I knew for sure that I wanted to be at the bedside for the long haul and work my way up to critical care or something that would be one thing, but I really can't say that is how I see my career progressing. From the research that I have done by talking to other home health nurses, it sounds like the done by 3 p.m. most days is definitely a possibility but it takes a bit to get there as you learn how to organize and prioritize. Good luck in your new position!
  2. I currently work on a busy telemetry unit as a full time RN. The hospital that I work for is about 75 miles from where I live. Recently, in an effort to make some more money, I took on a contingent position with a home healthcare company. Long story short, they offered me a full time position that pays way more and it's closer to home. I decided that it was the best thing for my family if I took the position. I called my manager today to give notice of my resignation. She told me how disappointed that she is in my quitting after putting the time in to train me (understandable.) She also told me that I am wasting my talent. I don't think I agree with her on this. She may have said it out of disappointment and frustration. Nevertheless, now I am second guessing myself. I took the job not only for the schedule and the money, but also because I think that there will be more opportunities for advancement with a smaller company than there are with a large health system. I guess I am asking if anyone has had a similar experience and how it shook out for them. Thanks!
  3. McNester

    Help tackling Med-Surg

    I need some help with how to approach med-surg. I am finding the amount of reading and content insurmountable and there are not enough hours in the day and week to outline everything that I need to know. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good med-surg review book? I am looking for something in outline form. I found an awesome one published by Lipincott for Peds, but I don't see that they have an updated version for med-surg. Thanks!