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DrMissitRNfixit has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Mommy/Baby.

 Happy wife and stressed momma to 3. Loving my break from home when I go to work with my friends 😊 Our hospital is awesome, The Women's Hospital in Newburgh, Indiana. 

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  1. DrMissitRNfixit

    5 couplets on mother/baby unit

    100%!! Our Labor girls would have two inductions at most, which is rare, but it would be a slow roasting night in h*ll for them to have 2 active labors. 😳 (That’s when we all suck it up together.) You go girl! 🙌🏻 Postpartum/ Couplet care is the way to go RUNBNursing!!!! 😎
  2. DrMissitRNfixit

    L&D to Mom Baby transition?

    In 2020 and a nursing Shortage 🤦🏼‍♀️ Good luck with your decision and either way you go-take plenty time for vacations and you-time! You’re there still helping in all of this craziness! Thank you! 😉
  3. DrMissitRNfixit

    L&D to Mom Baby transition?

    I respect the heck out of you L & D girls. I circulate deliveries, input info, and wipe off/check out the baby if it doesn’t go STS in a delivery, but I am not responsible for that laboring patient. Whew..... we do it all in one room on our LDRP unit. I have done mommy & baby for 13 years, since graduation, and I love it. YES there’s not a ton of adrenaline associated, but you stay busy. It would definitely be a change in pace for you but I’ll be honest, as my life phases changed, I appreciated it more! Could you stay on PRN on L & D?
  4. DrMissitRNfixit

    5 couplets on mother/baby unit

    Hey girl! If you have the excitement and drive for Mommy & Baby, you will love it! I have done it for 13 years(since graduating), but I will tell you that I feel like I limited my skills. ( I have started working PRN on our gyn/breast Med/Surg Unit to increase my knowledge a bit!) Plus we help with delivery’s by wiping off the babies if they come to the warmer or inputing info into the computer/circulating. I work nights PRN and love it. That said, we have one tech M-F for our entire unit until midnight, and I often forget she is there. 5 couplets used to be our normal, but now we have 4. Our unit is a LDRP, so we get couplets passed off and on rare crazy nights, I’ve had maybe 7? You just have to laugh and say OK because you know the nurse handing off isn’t in any better shape. Our night crew is a good team Once you get a mom past the initial 4 hours with a vaginal birth and 8-12hrs with a C-section, they’re “less busy”. It is definitely manageable, especially if you get a system down, establish a good rapport, and realize they enjoy your help, but they also want to bond with their new baby without someone over their should every hour. (it took me HAVING a child to realize this 🤦🏼‍♀️). I PERSONALLY would not choose another area of nursing and feel blessed to get paid for what I do. I treat most of my patients like my friends and even on crazy nights, I feel like both the patients and I have had good nights.