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  1. Frontier Class 149

    Oh no problem! Anytime! í ½í¸€
  2. Frontier Class 149

    Hi!! There's a group on Facebook called Frontier Nursing University Hopefuls where you can ask any questions you have! The application is pretty straight forward and your essays count a lot towards your application- be genuine, write your heart out a...
  3. Frontier Class 149

    Accepted off the waitlist! See you guys in May! Looking into airfare myself...
  4. Frontier WHNP

    It's thru email
  5. Stony Brook FNP Interview

    Yes it is only face-to-face interviews...I work at Stony Brook and have several co-workers doing their masters there
  6. Stony Brook FNP Interview

    We shall see!! Waiting is nerve wrecking!! Lol
  7. Stony Brook FNP Interview

    I'm still waiting for an interview hopefully! Did you get accepted?
  8. Frontier class 144

    Check out the Facebook page "Frontier nursing university hopefuls"
  9. have bach in biology, adn nursing can I go right to FNP?

    Check out Frontier Nursing University!
  10. Stony Brook FNP Interview

    Thank you
  11. Stony Brook FNP Interview

    I've submitted my application now so how long did it take for you guys to hear from them about scheduling your interview? Thx in advance!
  12. Frontier nursing university class 145

    If you check on Frontier's website, on the calendar it shows that for CNM applicants our deadline was extended to August 3rd...I also won't be checking emails till October
  13. Frontier nursing university class 145

    Oh ok lol
  14. August 2015 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    Laura, this is my twin brother Mike, your new aide on the floor.
  15. Frontier nursing university class 145

    Unfortunately according to the last few classes, it's almost down to the wire!