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  1. TheGoodRN2015

    Valley System New Grad Program

    How often does Spring Valley have their new graduate RN application out? I am from out of state, but I do have a current Nevada nursing license. I'm dying to leave my area, because I want to get away from my parents, and I also want to establish my own life, and *gasp* find a decent nursing job where I am satisfied working for/at. My current nursing job is killing me.
  2. TheGoodRN2015

    Queens punchbowl ER

    I know some of you have 'been there and done that' while at Queen's hospital. However, there are a bunch of us new graduates from nursing school who have been working as nurses aides for the last two years, still playing the waiting game. I have decided to go part-time as a nurse aide at a hospital and work as a nurse at a skilled nursing facility. Boy am I getting burned and owned due to the number of patients I have to care for, fall incidents, paperwork, and spending over time after my shift is supposed to be over, putting in doctors' orders. I still hope to get into a new graduate program here in Hawaii. Unfortuantely, what frustrates me the most is that it seems that UH Manoa is either bribing the hospitals here to admit their graduates to QMC and Straub and Kapiolani's new graduate program.
  3. I am still considered a "new-grad" nurse with little experience in nursing. I have been working at one of the hospitals here in Hawaii nei, trying to get into their RN new graduate program. Only to be turned down, and in my second attempt, get no interview invites at all. I see a lot of favoritism and politics in all of the new grad programs at QMC Punchbowl and at other hospitals such as Straub and Pali Momi. What's more startling is that I see a trend that there is favoritism towards UH Manoa nursing school graduates who apply to these programs, compared to students who graduated from other nursing programs in this state. Is UH Manoa bribing Queen's and Straub to select their students? Seems like it. Heck, even finding a job on the neighbor island hospital is also difficult. It's so unfortunate that I have family obligations to keep me anchored here in Hawaii, where my current nursing job is so hectic, intense, and stressing me out to a point where I dislike going to work. I also have to admit that I don't have a 30 minute break time while at this nursing job, which is driving me crazy/insane. I'd wish Queen's HR and their administration would stop hiring travel nurses and paying them insane money to live in "five-star" hotels in Waikiki. Why not hire more local people here, no? It's just sad that there's huge politics and favoritism towards UH Manoa nursing students than nursing students who are from other nursing schools here in Hawaii.
  4. TheGoodRN2015

    Franciscan Health System - St. Joseph, etc..

    ^^ Awesome awesome!! Thanks for the information and your career experience of the FHS hospitals, Tokmom! Well, here in HI, you graduate from nursing school, and if you're interested in the rare new graduate programs at the hospitals in town, you work as a nurse's aide for one to three (or MORE!) years. Only "in-house" employees are allowed to apply. If I was younger in age, I wouldn't mind waiting. But I'm getting old, and my parents really really need to retire from their job. Hence I am opening up my horizon and planning on leaving town to Seattle to find an RN job. Plus there is a lot of politics in the selection process among the managers after the interviews. Some candidates only work as a nurse's aide for one year, where as others don't get into the program at all, despite their good work. All in all, I do hope to eventually get employed by one of the facilities of FHS!!!
  5. TheGoodRN2015

    Planning things - I may move to Portland - what are some hospitals

    Thanks for the info on Portland area hospitals, LoveMyBugs. Yes, I do understand that there are a lot of nursing schools in the Portland area, and coming from out of state may make it harder for me to find an RN job out there. However, I have been working as a hospital CNA (yup, with my RN license) for almost one year. THe hospital I work at has new graduate academies for most-recent nursing school graduates. However, most of the candidates usually end up working 18-28 months as a CNA before entering the new graduate program. Plus it's super competitive, and unfortunately, there is politics amongst the managers, that are involved in the selection process. Hence, I am keeping an open mind, and may look at moving to Portland to find a job, maybe start a new life out there.
  6. I am "contemplating" my future by making plans to move to the Portland area to find an RN job. I have graduated from nursing school last year May with a BSN degree, and I have so far, been only working as a hospital/acute care CNA for a little over one year. I also work as a school nurse and home healthcare nurse as a side job. Anyhow....I am wondering if you guys can list some hospitals in the Portland area where I can search for an RN position? Or how about some hospitals in the Vancouver Washington area? I have both RN endorsement licenses for Washington State and Oregon. So living in Portland and working in Vancouver, WA may not be a problem. I have read another thread on the pro's and con's of working in either city, but in my case, I just want to get the ball running and start working as an acute-care RN. As for Portland, I only know of the Adventist hospital system, and OHSU's hospital. However, I doubt they will hire me without any prior experience. I have been to Portland in the past, and while the winters can be chilly, I don't mind making a change in life, and moving up to Portland. I also like the small city structure of Portland.
  7. Hey fellow Washingtonians. I am looking at relocating to the Seattle area (I'm from out of state), because it's really really really really, really (did I say really?) hard to find a hospital nursing job position here in my area if you lack at least 1-year of acute care experience. There are RN residency programs at certain hospitals, but there is so much politics and favoritism in the selection process, that I am opening my horizon, and looking to move away from home (sad, but I may have to). One of the nurses at the hospital I work at, used to work for St. Clare hospital located somewhere in the Tacoma area. I have looked online to apply for jobs, and it seems that the parent company is Fransiscan Health System? Besides St. Clare, there are other hospitals such as St. Josephs, and various other places. Could you tell me what your work experience was like at these facilities? What's the reputation of Fransiscan Health? Cost of living in these areas (i.e. Tacoma)? As of right now, I have been working as a hospital nurse aide for almost one year. I work as a school nurse as a side / part-time job. But it's not complex nursing skill that hospital nurses perform.
  8. TheGoodRN2015

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Wow! Dang, I should have just paid $500 for a round-trip plane ticket to Sacramento and "hand" delivered my application. Unfortunately, my state does not have Live Scan or the Nursys verification system, ....stuck up the crerek. =( I am still waiting for at least some kind of update to occur/happen in my Breeze account. My payment check was processed the first week of June. However, there is still no information under the license/registration information. ----------------------
  9. TheGoodRN2015

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Dang, this is so frustrating. I mailed in my endorsement application in May of this year. My payment bank check was processed on the first week of June. When I log into my Breeze account, it still states "No license information available" under the License/Registration Information box. Anybody else here faced this kind of situation? At least I would think somebody would update my profile and mention that at least my payment was received. The last time I called the CA BON was on August 4th. The lady whom I spoke to (after almost 10 attempts of calling the BON!) told me that they have yet to look at my endorsement application. *shakes head*
  10. TheGoodRN2015

    Possible to make it work?

    ^^ You're kidding me, right? Regular RN's in Hawaii make gross income over $100K? Hard to believe that. Plus the cost of living in Hawaii is crazy, and for new graduate nurses, don't even think about working in Hawaii. "Most" hospitals here only hire nurses who have years of acute care experience.
  11. TheGoodRN2015

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    What? The selection board is meeting this week? My recruiter never told me the specific day. He just told me that they will conven in "Mid-July." Oh well good luck to us applicants for the nurse transition program. I did hear some "good news" from my AF health recruiter, earlier this week. He told me that there were less applicants who applied this year, than in previous years, so that gives us a better chance of getting admitted to the 2016 AF RN residency program! Cheers!
  12. TheGoodRN2015

    Nursing Schedule in the Air Force or Navy

    I am wondering if you can further elaborate on the extra 10-12 hours a week for other job-related activities? Are these staff meetings? Or leadership-related classes? I am used to working as a hospital CNA, right now, three 12-hour shifts a week, rotate days for one month, and night shifts for the subsequent month, and the cycle repeats. But on top of the three 12-hour shifts, I also pick up an 8-hour shift for over time pay, per week. Let me know.
  13. I am from out of state, but am very interested in some of the new graduate RN residency programs offered in Northern California region. For those of you nurses who were from out of state, did you already have your RN license endorsement done before you completed the online applications for these new grad residency programs? Or were you able to apply to these residency programs without your California RN license, but was able to get the CA RN license number and license card, just before you started your new grad cohort?
  14. TheGoodRN2015

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Hey guys, I have submitted my endorsement for CA RN license back in May. The package with my application and fingerprint card arrived at the Calif BORN office on May 20th. My bank check was deposited and transaction completed during the first week of June. A week later, I received an email asking me to update my email, as the email I have used when establishing a Breeze account was different from the email I have listed on my endorsement application. I have called the BON office, and only was successful in talking to a human being on two out of six occasions. The first successful phone call was to ask for a fingerprint background check card, as I have placed an order online, but took forever to get to my mailbox. The second time I called was in mid-June. A guy answered the phone, told me that they were still working on April applicants at that time. As of now, what's funny, is when I log into my Breeze account, under "License/Registration Information" box, it states "no license information available" How come my status is still like this after almost a month after the CA BON deposited my bank check? Is this correct? Because I would think that there would be something listed about the date my endorsement application was received, when my check was received, etc.....under the "license/registration information" box.
  15. I have applied for the US Air Force nurse transition program/ new grad residency program of this year. My recruiter told me that the selection board will be meeting either next week, or the week after next week. He told me that the monthly food stipend is around $264 and the housing/rent allowance varies, depending on which base I will be stationed at. He told me those two are "tax-free" allowances. However, my recruiter was not too clear on my paycheck. This would be the base pay. I have looked at the officer base pay chart for 2nd lieutenants (since I will be a new-comer with no prior military experience, and no prior acute care nursing experience), and their base pay is around $2974.00? Per month? My question is, is this base pay also going to be taxed? Because if so, and if the air force resident nurses get paid bi-weekly, that means we only get $1200-$1300 per pay check after federal and local state taxes? My other question is for those of you who are already or who have finished the Air Force nurse transition program and residency. What are the chances you will get either your first or second choice air force base hospital? I have listed Travis AFB as my #1 choice, because I have relatives living in the Bay Area. Perfect for me....that's if I get that base. Plus I plan on starting a family and living in the Bay Area. San Antonio is my second choice, although I prefer to be on the West Coast area. -------------------------------- I forgot to add another question. If I do get admitted to the US Air Force NTP/residency program, there are various contracts we can sign for. I plan to sign for the three-year commitment contract. The three-year contract only gives up to $80,000 student loan repayment, but no bonuses. However, in my case, I have already paid off my student loan. So my question is, can I get that $80,000 as a form of sign-on bonus, since the Air Force does not have to pay for any student loans? My recruiter is currently on vacation and won't be back in town for quite a while. Just curious.