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ICU, urgent care, family practice
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upt0wntruths has 3 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, CNS and specializes in ICU, urgent care, family practice.

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    How to Answer "Tell us About Yourself"

    An example of my go-to format for “Tell me about yourself”: #1. I start off with Where I am originally from (just as an opener) #2. Then tie it into what brought me to nursing including a little info about myself: I helped care for many family members who eventually succumbed to chronic illnesses. I wanted to know more about Why/ how to help stop this from happening. after doing research on career paths, I found that nursing answers many of those questions and would allow me to care for my family and my community. #3. I end it with what brought me to the specific nursing position I’m interviewing for while including small details about my personality and how it is compatible with the unit’s needs: after taking the steps needed to get into nursing school, I got in. I remember being so nervous and excited because I heard how challenging it would be. And Nursing school was very challenging but also a rewarding experience. critical care was my favorite clinical rotation so when I saw this opening I had to take the chance to apply for it. I was drawn to the teamwork and critical thinking needed to investigate how to best treat patients on the unit and I personally love investigating and solving puzzles in my free time and it reminds me of that. Sadly, I witnessed patients lose their battles against illness while in critical care and although it’s heartbreaking, I was able to find some comfort in knowing that I did my best to comfort patients and their families as if they were my own family while I helped my preceptor deliver care. This whole journey thus far Showed me that its a huge honor for me to have the opportunity to be there for people in their most vulnerable time... nursing really allows us to be impactful every shift... I really can’t see myself in any other career. Tips that helped me: -Keep your answer at around 3 minutes max. people have short attention spans and interviewers don’t actually want to hear your life story, they’re trying to gauge if you would be a good fit for their unit. This allows you market your great personality and tell a story that can’t be read on your resume. Limited time forces you to cut out fluff so you can focus on the meat and potatoes about yourself and how that journey led you into that interview. - Practice a week or 2 ahead of your interview so you can organize yourself. Write it out, read your answers out loud in the mirror, time yourself, edit as needed. Ask someone to pretend to interview you so you can practice. don’t have a person? Fine, go on Youtube and search nursing interview questions and pretend their questioning you and answer that way. Use flashcards, whatever you have to do, just get some practice in. I hope it helps you build that confidence. -lastly, seriously ask yourself why you want that position. when you genuinely know why you want something, it makes it easier to incorporate those reasonings and genuine feelings into your “tell me about yourself” answer. Preparing ahead to answer this question will reduce the anxiety that comes with it and prevent the blindsiding. hope this helped someone 🙂
  2. upt0wntruths

    Vaccine Hesitancy

    Reason for me holding off on getting it is mostly due to lack of information. Im pregnant and initial research studies do not offer much information on how the vaccine affects pregnant/lactating moms. I couldn’t live with myself if something were to happen to my baby because I decided to experiment in the unknown. I took maternity leave early and will continue to abide by infection control recommendations until baby is out. Once that happens, I will seriously consider the vaccine prior to returning to RN job.
  3. upt0wntruths

    Palomar New Grad RN fall 2018

    I also applied to ED & med/surg. Chose ED, ICU, and med/surg to interview for. If anyone has any tips on getting through the interview successfully please share, we'd be so appreciative! So far I've been using youtube, previous allnurse posts, and advice from my other friends who have been hired at hospitals about what interview Qs to be prepared for.
  4. upt0wntruths

    CSUSM ABSN Spring 2016

    Hi yes! I did. In July
  5. upt0wntruths

    CSU San Marcos ABSN - Fall 2015

    When I attended the ABSN informational for CSUSM, the academic advisor suggested we put them in the packet with all the other paperwork we need to send in to be considered for the program so I just did that. He suggested doing that because all of your documents will arrive at the sametime which makes it easier for the admissions committee to make their decision when considering you.
  6. Keep your head up and dont give up. I have a 3.28 nursing core GPA (science classes) and an overall 3.4 and recently just got accepted to nursing school. My Teas was a score of 82.7% ... Maybe you cant change your gpa in a short amount of time but you still have control of scoring high on the Teas. Get the practice book.. Study and drill yourself hard on the practice exams. Keep reminding yourself of what you want and go get it. Dont let yourself get down.
  7. upt0wntruths

    CSU San Marcos ABSN - Fall 2015

    Hi all, i'm new to allnurses but I ran across this thread and thought I'd give my update. I applied for Fall 2015 and recently got in for Spring 2016.. For any prospective nurses out there that are doubting themselves or holding back from applying please don't! My evaluation scores are as follows: Teas: 82.7 % , pre-nursing Core GPA 3.27, and a point score of 24... Comparing my scores to others, I realized they weren't that high but hey I still got in and thats all that matters. So congrats to everyone who got in! And for those of you going through the process, don't give up! It's going to take time and i recommend you check in with CSUSM's extended learning at least once a month or every other month to confirm the status of your application... Goodluck!