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  1. zespheley1

    West Coast University example of proposed schedules?

    Just got my proposed schedule , here you go
  2. zespheley1

    Evening classes ? West coast university

    That is so helpful. Thank you 😊
  3. zespheley1

    West Coast University example of proposed schedules?

    I have about 10 pre reps but waiting to get my proposed schedule this week. They said originally it should've been sent to me last week but they are backlogged I had a little bit of a delay by a week getting a private loan approved through another company so I went with Sallie Mae and a cosigner and got a faster response today. My financial aid appt was 2 Tuesdays ago. This is the only school where I heard you will get a proposed schedule way before starting. I found the attached on a FB group but it all depends on what classes you need and they will throw you in a few that others may not have.
  4. Hey all I am a military veteran going through the process to possibly get into WCU Ontario campus starting nov 2 ... I have ton alot of research and haven't found much but maybe someone can give some insight. WCU advertises it has a new format to assist working adults *(evening /weekend classes) to assist getting their BSN. Also their military info page says its flexible to help military members as well , however my counselor told me I don't get preference nor will the school take my military full-time job into consideration when choosing a schedule. I will "get what I get "; however one of my prior friends who graduated a couple years ago told me something a little different. Help?
  5. zespheley1

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Do you know why you were denied for the remaining balance on loans ? That's scary. I am also trying to get into the Nov 2 class and my fiancial aid appt is Tuesday. I'm scared I won't be able to get in because of federal loan denial as well Me too 😱
  6. Hello I might be getting into the WCU Ontario campus starting Nov 2 (hope I don't jinx it ) and I'm trying to work out a possible schedule to keep my job Can anyone share and example of the proposed schedules /class hours days please ? Thank you ! (I know it's difficult and highly discouraged to work but I need to)
  7. zespheley1

    Air Force FQ applicants Sept. 2015

    try with the 452 AES squadron at March AFB
  8. thank you :)
  9. Hello everyone! 2 questions here... So I've done my research of entry requirements...I know standards are a min. of 80 on the TEAS plus whatever points your get on your essay and core classes (Science).. I have a friend who works in the military with me who said she got in with a score of 68 (yet had A's in her classes)... I am keeping in mind they changed their standards.. Is there anyone on here who can speak from experience what they got upon admission? (B+ in science classes, 80 on TEAS, etc).. I want to get some feedback - of course I want to score as high as possible to better my chances. --------------------------------------------------------------- I am a Reserve Air force medic...is there any other AF medics who have successfully challenged the LVN board? --I came to a wall with them and just finally submitted documents and haven't heard a negative response so I think its going well...(this is the third time I've sent back documents). I had to create EPRs (we didn't get EPRs before E5...) Hope to hear from all of you Bree