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    TBON enforcement without fee

    I am feeling very defeated at the moment and really need some words of wisdom and experience. I recently got accepted into nursing school and I should be starting in August. I did my fingerprints on May 27 and about a month later I received a letter from the BON stating that I had a negative incident come up. I had to go to the courthouse and get official records (over ten years ago I wrote a bad check to Kroger, which I paid off that same year and it was dismissed) and write a letter explaining what had happened. 29 days later I received a letter stating that they were sending my case to enforcement to be investigated and takes a minimum of 90 days. I am so devastated and heartbroken. I can not start school until I have the official approval from the BON. My question is, has anyone had anything like this happen to them? Has anyone been through this process and it NOT take 90+ days? I've read countless threads and I'm honestly terrified. I don't know what I will do with myself if I can't start this August. I really need some guidance. Thank you in advance!

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