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  1. Hello! I am posting this for my lovely wife who is in amazing woman and nurse. We are doing some preliminary research on hospitals (possibly relocating) and would like to pick everyone's brain on a few things regarding how pay is in the areas (Lafayette and Baton Rouge) and how people feel about the hospitals in general. My wife has been doing Peds for 13 years. BLS, NALS, PALS, ACLS completed and maintained. All acute care with a wide variety of conditions dealt with. They see it all where she works. Currently in the Pediatric ER at a local hospital. Despite the flaws she loves her job and the hospital where she works. No place is perfect, every hospital has issues but she is in a good place. She currently is making: $34/hr plus shift diff 9.3 hours of PTO per cycle (every 2 weeks) 401k 50% match up to 40% of total salary ________________________________________ Now we are curious about how things are in Lafayette and Baton Rouge for Peds nurses. We know Lafayette Woman's and Children seems to be the big one in Lafayette so we are curious what people feel about it. Not sure on Baton Rouge though. 1. Salary for experienced nurses? Shift diff? She would be interested in NICU, PICU, ER or floor. 2. 12 hour shifts mostly there? Do they use any mid shift in the ER? 3. how do people like it? Management inept or decent? Involved with the floor work? Do they care about patient care or is it lip service as they throw you 7 to 1 with 3 fresh post op osteotomy patients? 4. Any suggestions for hospitals in the area of Lafayette / Baton Rouge that do Peds besides Lafayette Woman's and Childrens? Thank you all so very much. We are looking at possibly moving there so we can be a little closer to family. We just want to make sure it makes sense before we start pestering HR departments and wasting their time and ours if its not going to work for one reason or another.

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