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  1. DanielleLester

    Resurrection University New Grads

    Chicago is flooded with new grads. So I would say it depends on whether or not your résumé stands out from the rest of them.
  2. DanielleLester


    What do you mean clinical rotations online? When I spoke to WGU they told me the program is online but you would do your clinicals at different locations...
  3. DanielleLester

    New Grad thinking about moving to Alaska

    I googled "Registered Nurses working in Alaska" and this is what came about: Moving to Alaska — Employment Also if you get no feedback here then I'm pretty sure you can scourge the Alaskan category here on Allnurses. You'd be surprise how similar your questions can be on this site.
  4. DanielleLester

    Which one should I choose?

    Oohhh, I didn't know...
  5. DanielleLester

    Which one should I choose?

    Yes, so I could have a year of experience because many jobs required that now... My school highly recommends me to become a CNA too.
  6. DanielleLester

    Which one should I choose?

    (I'm not sure which category to put this post in so sorry in advance) Hello all, Main Question: Should I use my 1,574 refund check to spend on a CNA program for this fall or use it to finish up my last 4 perquisites? Background information: I need 4 prequisites to be completed before I can start the nursing core classes next fall. However, I can take those 4 pre-reqs in the university itself, but it will also delay me from starting the official nursing program next fall and I would have to be a 5th year senior (I have one semester to finish up my Gen Eds this year). But I also want to become a CNA and be able to get that one year of experience when I do graduate nursing school (I planned to work every summer). My classes will cost about 1,300 and the closest CNA program to me will be $900. So which one should I choose: Graduate nursing school with my BSN in 3 years or become a CNA and gain that 1 year of experience?

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