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    Scheduled my exam! Any one else testing next week? (July 7th)

    Hi, guys... I've been keeping up with this post ever since Tuesday July, 7th, the day I took the NCLEX exam. I was scheduled to be there at 11:30 but I arrived maybe around 10:50 I would like to share my experience.... My test ended around 85 questions and yes the 48hour wait is beyond nerve racking and I constantly stalked pearson vue for my results. Good news, I found out I PASSED yesterday! My results were posted around 12:30pm. The only studied was the Hurst Review... my school used ATI but me and many other classmates purchased Hurst review. Each classmate that I have spoken to has passed as well. My advice to upcoming test takers is...if you need a refresher on core content Hurst review does a great job and there are also 6 tests that you could take after you have studied the material that are very similar to NCLEX, as a matter-of-fact NCLEX was much easier than the test on Hurst Review, in my opinion. There are a lot of great reviews out there for the NCLEX but I would also advise upcoming test takers to only stick to one review and not confuse yourself using too many different sources. This will increase your level of anxiety.... NOT HEALTHY!! Congratulations to everyone that passed and good luck to all upcoming test takers. You all will do well, just breathe! All the hard work pays off.

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