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    "70%?" of Canadian's failing NCLEX

    This statistic is not confirmed, I have been trying to search but it seems only hospital educators have this knowledge. I was wondering if anyone has any related articles to this? Some provinces are kindly extending temporary licences as the fail rate is so high, mine (Ontario) is not... yet. I personally have written it but do not yet know if I have failed, with these odds I am not keeping my hopes up. Though I will say the effort was there to make it Canadian, American issues, lab values and medications were still used which definitely increases anxiety when writing an exam. 30% of us are passing, this is truly disheartening as it seems you must be lucky to receive a pass/an appropriate exam. Fellow Canadian nurses, do you have any knowledge on passing rates in your region/for your school? What are your governing bodies doing about it? If the passing rate is truly this low there is undeniably a systematic error.

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