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    Whats next? OR, PACU, Cardiac????

    Hello all. I was an LPN for 4 years before I went back to school and obtained my RN. I have now been an RN for 1 1/2 years. Currently working on my bachelors with 5 classes left. Most of my experience has been with geriatrics. As an LPN, I worked in a skilled nursing facility where I would care for up to 46 patients independently depending on the shift and unit. I received valuable experience with IV's, PICCS, drains, orthopedics, ostomies, enteral feedings, wound care, etc. As an LPN in my state and facility we completed assessments, discharges, admissions, teaching, interpreted labs, communicated with MD's, received our own orders and completed our own treatments. We often only had 1 RN in the building. After completing my RN I transitioned to a hospital setting. My first hospital job was on a cardiac telemetry unit at a small struggling hospital. I ended up leaving after 2 months due to lack of action on medical issues form the medical staff. My breaking point was when I had a patient whose INR was greater than 10 get discharged to home the discharge instruction the MD gave was " not to do something stupid like fall when you go home and you should be ok" , not to mention he was't even going to give him vitamin K until I questioned him. Also the one cardiac surgeon left the hospital so it truly didn't feel like a cardiac floor. I then transitioned to a med surg elderly unit at a level 1 hospital. I felt as though there was a smooth transition to the unit. I only received 4 weeks out of my 12 weeks of orientation because the preceptors were "bored" because I was doing all the work. We have a max of 6 patients. It can be frustrating at times when we do not have a tech. I have gained great experience from the acute care aspect but after 6 months of working on that unit I'm starting to feel bored and am interested in a change. Some areas I have considered are OR, PACU or Cardiac. Looking for some thoughts and feedback from my fellow nurses who have worked in those areas. Pros? Cons? etc. I really want to diversify my background and branch out of geriatrics. Help!!

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