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  1. mizsard23

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    alix, I moved to SF from NYC, great city :) lisa, where did you end up taking your prereqs? all, i'd like to be respectful to the board so please feel free to contact me offline if anyone wants to chat/meet up prior to duke days. I can't PM yet, but my screen name is my gmail. looking forward to meeting everyone! best, sarah
  2. mizsard23

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    Hi all, I'm been lurking for some time...but my first post is a good one: I was accepted! :) We have until August 8th to accept and officially secure our place so presumably sometime soon after that they'll have an idea how the cohort is shaping up. I'll be crossing my fingers for everyone! Also, I RSVP'd for the Friday Duke Days if anybody wants to meet up before/after. I am coming from San Francisco and know NOTHING about the Raleigh/Durham area. Respectfully, Sarah

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