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  1. toriamist

    Columbia MDE Nursing

    Thank you so much for your reply. I already signed up for info session, is that what you mean by taking appointments or is that something eles, like a more detailed version of info session? And also when you say general care coordination do you mean like regular Bsn programs, arent all nursing programs for getting license RN a care coordination program? Like absn or asn or bsn? Or are there different types, whatndo you mean specialty? Arent specialty in NP programs, so in this case the DPN specialty in psychiatry or etc? Also what do you think about this program going straight to.DPN, in terms of experience.and how others view our skills? Thank you again~ in advance ♡
  2. toriamist

    Columbia MDE Nursing

    THank you for your reply~!! MBA will really come useful as a NP in the future for management jobs~ (I believe so) in the hospitals~ and I am also currently trying to take my pre-reqs right now as well--- while I am finishing up my Masters too~ :) My biggest worry is that I need to work as part of finishing and getting a license from my program but the fact that I wont be able to even work part-time~ is getting to me~ Have you heard anything from the admission office about being able to work part time? And also I think that this masters (is tech like BSN) and does prepare us for the NCLEX to be RN's--- and then DNP (as NP) I heard since now they are trying to make a shift with degrees in accepting NP with DNP~ and not MA -NP-- not sure of the full details in how this will lead out--- but let me know if u have any updates and what specialty are you looking to go into?
  3. toriamist

    Columbia MDE Nursing

    Has anyone applied to this new 2016 program? Is it possible to work part time while going to school--because I am sure it will be a full time study but is it possible to still work part time while being in this program--or any other nursing program (any other Accelerated BSN or Direct entry nursing programs)

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