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    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    I am just appalled at this new and apparently nationwide way of thinking, I wrote to my board of nursing about it , but of course I received no reply.....I guess when we have another widespread nursing shortage (and we will) , then perhaps they will begin to give a crap. I hope all those new nurse -lets enjoy the ride while they can because eventually they are going to fall off without any experienced people to guide them, but then again they think they know everything so I suppose we're safe..NOT
  2. Browneyedrnc

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    It is so hurtful to me as a nurse for over 26 years, that I found out after taking early retirement with the intention to continue working PRN, that the institution I devoted my life to no longer wanted my worthless ass because I was a meager ADN nurse. As it happens, they no longer want or will hire nurses with less than a BSN despite the fact that I taught most of the "young" nurses most of what they knew on our unit, I was in charge nearly every night I worked and maintained a level 4 ( the highest offered) through our clinical ladder as well as being credentialed within my area of practice, something I did completely on my own, not because it was a requirement. For all the classes, studies, precepting, and committees I worked on, the thanks I got was a slap in my face. When there was a nursing shortage and they were begging for ADN nurses, I was there. I took the same board exams as my BSN co workers, yet now I can't find work unless at the age of 56 I go back to school and receive an BSN so I can give their institution another bragging right. Where is the justice in any of this? I'm a good nurse but feel like a nothing failure. Hospitals seem to be more concerned with all their plaques on the wall than what's really going on at the bedside, and I can tell you it's scary & not good.

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