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    Mean girls....OR Bullying

    True, there are "mean OR nurses", however, suck it up. Do what you know is right and not worry about what others think. Not everyone will love you or hate you. Some people are hard to work with. Too many newer nurses want a "kum bay yah" experience every day and that is not going to happen. This is your second profession? Maybe you should look inside yourself. It is not the other nurses jobs to make you "feel good" every day. You have to be tough to last in any nursing job. We take care of people when they are at their worst. If you want to be happy, then be happy and don't depend on coworkers to constantly give you praises. It won't happen. This may sound harsh but this is reality on all levels. OR nursing is stressful. Some can make it look easy, some can't . Every profession has mean girls. Don't be one of those nurses who falls prey to them. Have confidence in yourself, admit your mistakes and be nice...Just saying

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