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  1. Clpowell

    Bullying at work

    Thanks for your insight. Her and i haven't spoke to each other, other than direct pertinent patient information for over a year. It just seems to get worse. The o.r. manager knows. All that happened was she was talked to, back around evaluations. Now she is not offering me lunches or breaks. The manager has been on vacation. The charge nurse came to me to ask if she had offered me a break or a lunch. I said no. He said he was reporting it to our manager because he seen her in there eating her lunch when he was eating. I just feel the issue will once again be swept under the rug.
  2. Clpowell

    Bullying at work

    I have been banned permanently from his room. This particular surgeon is crazy. He makes himself puke to cancel his cases, throws instruments at staff and has never given a reason to my boss or the anesthesiologist as to why he doesnt want me in his room. Yet this surgeons say hi to me and tells me to have a good day in the hall. I have no ther complaints from any other staff besides him. I have received great evaluations and been told i have had compliments from the other surgeons. I probably do need to look for another job. After reading your post, im feeling incredibly anxious about my job. Thanks for your insight.
  3. Clpowell

    Bullying at work

    I have worked as a nurse in the o.r. for almost two years. For the most part i enjoy my job. Most of my co-workers are nice and helpful. My problem is one older nurse. She was nice to me during my orientation and shortly after. A surgeon, had asked i not be in his room anymore for unknown reasons. My boss asked if he could give me another chance. He agreed but i had to be placed back on orientation despite no complaints from any other surgeons. I was placed with this nurse to reorientate in his room. After this things went down hill. She came to me one day mad that i hadnt helped pull our case carts for the next day. I apologized for my oversight and helped finish up. From that point, she has ignored when i address her. Her completely ignored me when i tried to apologize for whatever it is she felt i had done. Then she came into the locker room. She knocked my stuff on to the floor, walked right over it as i was trying to pick it up. This incident lead to a big scene of her playing victim at the o.r. desk. I flat out told her she knew very well what she did. My boss was supposed to send us to conflict resolution. That never happened. Now the other day she was responsible for offering lunches and breaks. I was in a room for 3 hours and she never offered me a lunch or break yet she checked on the other nurses. Out of being permanently kicked out of that surgeons room and her disrespect, do you think i should look for another job? How would you deal with it? I try to be kind and polite but my patience is wearing thin.

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