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    Any Psych Nurse Practitioner's out there?

    I appreciate reading information from both sides of the coin. I don't think Carlyjo wrote her post with the intention of pissing in everyone's cheerios. She sounds disillusioned with her current position and wanted to warn those looking into this field it's not all sunshine and roses. If anything, it started a conversation clarifying what options are out there and the difference in pay r/t what region of the nation you are in. I work closely with a FNP and a PMHNP and from what I understand, they make a good wage. Getting stuck on a specific number doesn't include the entire picture of compensation. Making a little less on paper in return for more autonomy, benefits or smaller case-loads isn't always a bad thing. Becoming a PMHNP for the money isn't a good idea, but to go into it "to save the world" is naive. Maybe joining the Peace Corp would be better if money doesn't matter to you and you are just looking for a way to help others. I've worked in the behavioral health field for 15+ years and I understand my limitations; like you can't save someone from themselves. It's important to judge your performance as a clinician by providing the best care you can and not the outcome of that care. All you can do is offer the client the best care you know how and be there when they're ready to make a change or become floridly psychotic...

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