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  1. acclassen

    NJ Requirements after not renewing Lic.?

    No all cash, no insurance. I was a family friend of theirs and they knew I worked at a LTC facility so asked if i would help out here and there and when I left my prior job they asked me if I would work full time for them. I was never paid by anything but cash and they never even asked for my SS# to claim it on taxes etc.
  2. acclassen

    NJ Requirements after not renewing Lic.?

    I'm not sure if I should write it down as a nursing position as it was more of a caregiver position, ADLs (toileting, feeding, bathing, dressing) etc. Nothing advanced to the point it was stuff even her kids could have did but they didn't have time.
  3. Hi All, So my NJ LPN license expired 5/13, at the time I was doing private home care as well as going through IVF so it totally slipped my mind in July 13' In the same week I found out I was Pregnant and my Patient passed away. 2 weeks later my doctor put me on strict bedrest for the entire pregnancy so needless to say renewing was really in the back of my mind. Now I have an opportunity for a amazing LPN position, so I downloaded the packet for reinstatement. I see it also has a form for a refresher course? I am wondering if there is a time limit on this (out of field for 2 or 3 years etc) or if I have to take it regardless of lapsed time since working as a nurse? Also am I going to be in trouble for doing private care even after my license lapsed. Thanks for any advice :)

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