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    Nclex experience 7/2015

  2. marie360

    Nclex experience 7/2015

    heyy I don't usually do this but maybe this might be a relief for some people. I took the nclex on monday and it shut off on about 85 questions i was freaking out after because everyone I know that passed got at least 20 or more Select all that apply questions. I left the exam only getting about 6 select all the apply, one math question, no pictures, no ekgs, no drop box so going by what others said i knew I failed. I did Kaplan questions and i felt like those questions were harder than the questions I got on the NCLEX. So during the test I thought i was getting a lot of non passing questions ....but 2 days later i found out that i passed just wrote this because i don't want people to go by the rumor of "if you finish the test and got a lot of select all that apply u passed " because that is not true at all. good luck to everyone i wish you all the best

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