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    There's an app for that...and other controversies

    Hi Julie, great article about smartphones in the workplace. Your comments on the necessity of just-in-time information for nurses are well documented as an imperative for improving delivery of care. The Journal of Nursing management put out an article that includes a similar discussion in 2013. Hopefully as more vendors move to cloud based service offerings the quality of mobile applications for nurses will continue to increase. Nurses can also find apps that make their live better when not in the hospital. Our company, NurseGrid, has developed a personal scheduling and communication app specifically for nurses. Its a free app (iOS available today, Android will be out at the end of this month) that makes it easy to add work schedules at multiple worksites and allows nurses to connect with their co-workers to see when they work together. Check out a recent review of NusreGrid by Nurse Eye Roll. We've seen some other exciting apps for nurses lately that are in development and should be available soon. The years ahead look exciting for new nurse-centric technology.

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