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  1. JVill17

    UAB AMNP 2016

    Hi there! I was also accepted on the spot after my interview on Friday! I would love to join the FB group, but I can't find it! Can you add me? My name on Facebook is Jamie Roy Vill. Thank you so much!!! So excited!! ***Edit... just kidding I think I found it. I just requested to join so let me know if you see me there haha :)
  2. JVill17

    GRU CNL Fall 2015

    I haven't posted here yet - but have been keeping up with posts to see if my progress seems to be the same as y'all's! I'm on the alternate list as well. I emailed (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) to see what the deal was with them extending the deadline for the alternate list and how they would be notifying us now that the deadline was pushed back. She responded this morning so I figured I'd let yall know what she said. She said the list has not yet been closed and as of right now she does not have a date that they will be closing the alternate list officially. She said she was waiting on that information from the associate dean. She also said any notification we are going to receive will be done through the mail. Sooo none of that is very specific or helpful but it's what I've got haha. Have any of y'all heard anything different than that? Thanks! I'm just going a bit stir crazy waiting to hear officially!!

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