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  1. nurse1285

    Question on home health

    You need to leave this job asap.....Medicare reimbursement are going to be for agencies that get high star rating, and this sounds like a mom and pop agency, that will not survive....most pt you can see is 5=6 pt a day for routine followups. you can not see 12 pt and give any time of reimbursable care.
  2. nurse1285

    Starting HH next week.

    Hi there, I saw your post and wanted to know how is it going? I'm looking at Homecall for a job in Md also...and wanted to see if your still with the company or did they not deliver or are you happy...hope to hear from you
  3. nurse1285

    WGU RN-MSN edu Jan 2016

    What class do you think you will take first
  4. nurse1285

    WGU RN-MSN edu Jan 2016

    I know wee should enjoy our time before school..but I want to get going..rn to msn? Join the Facebook page and wewill be able to do this together
  5. nurse1285

    WGU RN-MSN April 2016 start

    I got moved up to January instead of April, which I was really happy about. Anyone get moved up from the April to Jan start date?
  6. nurse1285

    WGU RN-MSN edu Jan 2016

    I am starting in Jan 2016 but doing the rn to msn in leadership. I also work full time as a hospice rn case manager. They have to get my transcript done, but should have to complete biochem and statistic. I was going to wait till April, but looks like Jan. I'm studying up on statistics prior so I will be ready as math isn't my strong point.
  7. nurse1285

    WGU RN-MSN April 2016 start

    WGU BS MSN students for April 2016...we need to stay in touch..Not quite sure how to do that on this web site but maybe on facebook??? I did save some to my contacts...again..not sure how that all works?
  8. nurse1285

    WGU RN-MSN April 2016 start

    i hope to start in april too, need to get paperwork together and maybe we can do it together
  9. I just watched the video and made me feel good as I am 51 and want to get my education started. Maybe WGU will be the right choice.
  10. nurse1285

    WGU RN-MSN April 2016 start

    I just applied to western Gov for RN to MSN...start date April...Question I have How long did each course take you to finish and did you do 1 course at a time? The admission guy said you take 1 course at a time and when your finished you start the next but couldn't tell me how long each class took. He said some people finish quicker as its based on what your know? confusing to me. could someone please explain and tell me realisticly working 36 hr a week and just a husband at home, how many courses I may be able to get finished in 6 months?
  11. Biggest challenge for me would be keeping everyone happy. Yes, I work 12 hr shifts dear, you might have to feed the dogs and the kids. Yes, I do need some sleep tonight and yes I'm off tomorrow. Other challenges is the medicare guidelines that steers the medical fields for there reimbursement and rules and regs that effect patients and staff. I want my pt to have the best, but medicare doesn't really care that you don't have running water to wash up. Trying to get adult protective services to help some of my patients is hard. As long as the pt has some type of food and fluids available to them and they can do there business in a pot or can, they are ok. Can they dial 911? Then nothing they can do.
  12. nurse1285

    Trying to get into Bowie State nursing program.

    Important to look at the passing rates for the colleges as that will show you how good of training and preparation the college will give you so you can pass your state boards the first time. Just search passing rate at the college. Below is the stats for 2014. 3.3 sounds pretty high for bowie and you should have no problem. May want to consider a school that will prepare you better as Bowie came in 3rd from the bottom BSN Degree Programs First time testers Number Passing Passing rate Bowie State University 72 38 52.78% Coppin State University 70 47 67.14% Johns Hopkins University 335 305 91.04% Morgan State University 43 18 41.86% Salisbury University 84 75 89.29% Sojourner-Douglass 62 33 53.23% Stevenson University 75 58 77.33% Towson University 176 147 83.52% University of Maryland 235 211 89.79% Washington Adventist University 84 34 40.48%

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