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  1. Hi! My name is Melissa and I graduated almost two years ago with summa cum laude. All through school, I studied for tests and if I put in the time studying, I got really good grades without a problem. However, the NCLEX has been a different story. I have now taken it three times and I have recently registered to take it a fourth time, but it's getting really difficult to stay motivated. I have done kaplan, virtual ATI, worked with a tutor here in the Kansas City area, and done thousands of questions. I've gotten to a point where the thought of picking up a book again is sort of depressing. Most of the people I graduated with are pursuing graduate degrees now and I'm still trying to pass this test. Quite frankly, it's very lonely, and i think it would be SOoOo helpful to find other people who are in a similar situation. Sometimes, walking down a path that feels daunting can feel way less daunting if you can do it with other people. Has anyone else found themselves failing multiple times and come close to giving up and then passed? Any suggestions?

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