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  1. trauma94

    RN to BSN help!!

    I graduate with my RN in December and I'm starting to look into RN to BSN programs for the Fall of 2016. A few things I'd like to keep in mind is that I would eventually like to go on to NP/CRNA school. Online programs are nice while working full time, and of course I want something accredited and as affordable as possible. Any advice would be appreciated! Feel free to message me if its lengthy!!
  2. trauma94

    Hated being a CNA, scared to commit to nursing.

    A good nurse should never ask the cna to do something they wouldn't do themselves. You're gonna be in plenty of code brown's as a nurse.
  3. trauma94


    Klone: do you plan on getting your np? That's my only worry with going to western governors to get my bachelors, due to it being a pass/fail program.

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