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  1. macarthurparker

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    I'm a student nurse lurker who felt compelled to post about this. I appreciate your sentiment, but your refusal to acknowledge that this was, in fact, an attack on the gay community and that the gunman did, in fact, target these people in this place because he knew most of his victims would be gay makes you part of the problem. It's tacit homophobia like this - the refusal to acknowledge LGBT people and their spaces as their own - that snowballs and grows to create a culture where we're seen as "less than," or where our unique and continued struggles are ignored because "we're all humans." It's no different than saying "I don't see race - we're all American citizens" when the unfortunate fact of the matter is that white and black Americans have incredibly unequal experiences today. I appreicate your viewing this as a "human tragedy"...but maybe take a step outside your perspective and be willing to view this as an attack on a community that's not yours, and that you don't understand (I'm willing to bet on this considering you claim you "would go out to party with my homosexual friends back in the day" - there's nothing we love more than being objectified). Try to understand what it feels like to have one of the very few safe spaces you have - maybe the only space in your entire community where you feel completely free to "be you" - be completely violated. Empathize with us. Grieve with us. Acknowledge us.
  2. Congrats, emmafleur! Based off the academic calendar here (Academic Calendar | Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing), I would plan on starting classes on Jan 19 at the latest (and I'd imagine orientation might actually happen before that, though I can't be sure of it). Good luck with UCSF as well!
  3. Also just got an acceptance email from Hopkins! Located in DC. I am over the moon and can't wait to leave the office so I can start celebrating :) Good luck, everyone!
  4. macarthurparker

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    Speaking for those of us on the waitlist who are still very interested in Duke, I'd love to hear about the Duke Days experience from those who attended. What were the most and least appealing parts of the program? Any big surprises that you weren't expecting? What was the ultimate impression that you left with, and are you excited to be attending Duke? Any insight y'all could provide is great - would love to hear about the program. Thanks, guys!
  5. macarthurparker

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    Another waitlister here. Hope some of us get some good news in the next few months!

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