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  1. benitajones5407

    Students applying to SHSU Spring 2016 Nursing Program

    i think we will hear back in the middle of October last year I think they heard back around this time
  2. benitajones5407

    Students applying to SHSU Spring 2016 Nursing Program

    Hey I applied to SHSU for the fall with a 3.38 nursing prerequites and a 3.44 for core for the fall and was unfortunately denied. My teas score was a 79 and I was missing A&P 2 because I was completing it over the summer. I applied again for the Spring 2016 with the same stats just hoping because I really don't want to change my major and the only other school I'm going to apply for is spring is TWU. I ended up transferring to SHSU for the fall 2015 semester because I came out to Huntsville and just really liked it and while I'm waiting to see what happens instead of sitting out of school and falling behind I'm taking the courses needed for Healthcare Administration. I was thinking worst case scenario I can just graduate with that and do second degree nursing at UH-sugarland location which would actually make me more qualified for what I want to do with nursing.
  3. benitajones5407

    Students Applying for SHSU Fall 2015 Nursing Program

    I applied to shsu to the Huntsville location and didn't get in also. I have a 3.43 gpa overall and a 3.28 prerequisite gpa. I also made a 79 on my teas exam. I really don't want to retake any classes to try to get my gpa up I feel like that's really the best I can do. Do you guys know of some other options in Texas for BSN progams

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