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  1. amyssa

    Selection Criteria

    Ok that makes sense now that you have said that and I have reread the question. So somethingike....when administering medications I have made sure that I am familiar with my patients medication and that I follow up to date clinical guidelines laid out in Tollefsen that adhere to the ANMC domains It was time for my patients medication I made sure that I was familiar with the medication that I was about to administer I washed my hands I explained to my patient is was time for her clexane injection I explained what it was for. I closed the curtains for privacy. I gained consent and proceeded to check my 6 drug rights. I administerec the medication an documented in patients medication chart. I disposrd of the sharps and washed my hands. i think this might be a bit to wordy and not flowing right.....
  2. amyssa

    Selection Criteria

    HI I am applying for a grad nurse position and am a bit confused about what to put down for Q4. Demonstrate how you can ensure that your practice is of the highest professional standard with reference to the role of the ANMC competency standards, clinical guidelines and hospital Policies. I started writing that as a student I successfully completed 12 clinical placement assessment tools that cover the 4 domains outline in the ANMC standards......but I know they would like one or two examples. but I cant think one that I can use that covers all the domains .... I don't know how to word it I quess as there is a word count limit of 250 I only have a few days left!! any input would we greatly appreciated

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