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    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    I am not a nurse but i joined cause i seen firat hand how good nurses are run off and I seen first hand the shortage of staff issues where Nurses are utilized as Monitor Techs and it creates a shortage on the floor. I see total patient care.cause of managements lack of stepping up to the plate and helping out. Its rediculious and.i am sorry but its not just nursing who should.be allowed to be union but the whole hospital except management should be union and we are all there to do patient care we are all there.for the patient from nurses to.doctors to the janitor to the cna and secretaries to Housekeeping. We should.all be protected from this mis treatment and i know people who just dont like people who lie to get people fired and its not how it works. We need to put our best foot forward for the patient. I just recently had a surgery and became a patient in my own place of employment and needless to say my nurses were awesome but lack of staffing and being ablento help me in a timely manner were something else and i knew it wasnt there fault and all they can do is applogize and.it wasnt there fault at all. I can honestly say if saving a a buck or even a hundred bucks is worth it to them then get out of this careeer field and micro manage something else cause i promise you your pocketbook is not worth what my family, your.family, anyones family members life is.worth just to save a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars. Nurses are my heros and I ever wish i could be one but my memory on things like that i have a small learning disability but i envy every nurse around. You wanna know my job well I was a secretary. I saw first hand what you went through how you were treated and abused. Im sorry you all have to go through this. Your job now is 95% paperwork and 5% patient care and that alone is WRONG. I WILL SUPPORT YOU IN YOUR BATTLE.

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