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    Night shift: how to ask to quit from that.

    Yes I know what you mean but actually it's 6years that I do night shift and in the last 1years and half I feel really bad after night shift, low blood pressure (it's happen to collapsed) tachycardia when I go home and try to have rest, very bad migrain (so I went to neurologist who prescribed strong medications) so it's not an issue because I did night in the past and I always manage well...but not anymore...maybe I can't do it... I feel really tired 'because of the blood pressure and I tired to do the simple thing. I also have a lot of ectopic beats during the day after a night that makes me unconfortable... I want to be an happy employee and feeling well... At the moment I'm really struggling with nigh...
  2. Hi! I've worked in Itu for 5years in a hospital...I did night shift but only once in a row...it's not easy but I managed well... Then I change and move to an other bigger hospital and here they do 3/4 night shift in a row...because I don't want to seems "listless" about work...I ask to my manger to do not more than 2nights in a row...because all my colleaugues don't seems to have difficult to do 3/4 night shifts in a row... now I have to say that 2night in a row is too much for me...it's difficult to stay awake during the night, it's difficult to sleep when I came at home and I don't have a good rest for the next shift... At the moment I'm thinking to ask to be removed from night shift. I've been in this hospital since end of january...not so long...so I'm scare that maybe they could say no...or that they could move me into an other ward... What do you think? What is the beat thing to do to ask that? I have to speak with my manager? It's better to see my doctor first? I have to speak with the occupational health department first? Or speak with my union? It's the first time that I would ask for a special condition so I don't know how to do it. Many thanks for your help.

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