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  1. ginalove

    Average nclex, license, first job timeline in Illinois

    I graduated end of may took my boards in July got my license a week or two afterwards then started working on a telemetry beginning of october. I started getting interviews for hospitals end of September.
  2. ginalove

    rush vs cdh vs alexian brothers

    I'm not just leaving the one I'm currently at for driving reasons there are other reasons as well. But I have heard great things about rush from people that work there, so I'm willing to drive a little further for a great place to work. And it's actually closer than the place I'm at now.
  3. ginalove

    Jobs in Chicago area for BSN new grad?

    I got hired at saint Francis in Evanston and I had a few coworkers that were new grads as well. All the units hire new grads.
  4. ginalove

    rush vs cdh vs alexian brothers

    Hi guys!! Currently I work in Evanston but I moved to rolling meadows a 6 months ago to be closer to family. The drive is just too much and I'm planning on moving soon. My husband and I are planning to move more south suburbs like elmhurst area in the next six months or so. Which hospitals would you recommend between cdh, rush, and alexian brothers? Pros/cons?I also know rush is a teaching hospital and I'm at one now, too. Is it a lot different going from residents to no residents?

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