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  1. cedieRN

    PGH feedback (continued)

    I had mine in April 2015. Im still waiting for the HR's text as we were told during our final interview that it may take about 3 months for our deployment (tentatively, and hopefully!). Its about 3 months now, I have followed up with HR last week and they told me that we are the next batch to be texted, I remember her saying to keep my number active because the text that I am expecting from HR is nearing, I dont know how long will I wait for that "nearing" though. hehe. I just hope that before the year ends we will be deployed, @mikeru22 I hope you will be called too. *crossingfingers*
  2. cedieRN

    PGH feedback (continued)

    Hi, I also had my final interview but it was in April of this year. But up until now we have not been called yet by HR regarding the medical exam. Does anyone have an update regarding the current batch they are processing right now? its been about 3 months since my final interview, although they (Nursing Office) said that August (most likely) will be our deployment date. Thanks in advance :)

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