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  1. bmccandless

    Seton Residency Autsin Feb 2017 Cohort

    No. My house is in New Braunfels so I only looked at downtown and South Austin MC.
  2. bmccandless

    Seton Residency Autsin Feb 2017 Cohort

    I applied in September but haven't heard a thing, yet. I will attend the open house next week. From what I've heard it is highly competitive with an upwards of 1000 applications for a limited number of spots. I'm convinced getting an interview is pure luck. I also applied at St. David's but they immediately denied my application because I live out of the area. Hopefully we hear something soon!
  3. bmccandless

    Moving to San Antonio

    I'm moving to New Braunfels/ San Antonio as well. I have been searching and searching for any information. I am technically a new grad and most of the hospitals require a nurse residency program. Are you wanting to work in a big hospital? There are two level 1 trauma centers, University and SAMMC which is the military hospital. All of the other hospitals are just as big with multiple campuses all over the area. You have Methodist, Baptist, Christus Santa Rosa, and the VA. All of them have multiple postings. It has been fairly easy for me to get in touch with recruiters by calling or emailing. Good luck!

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